hm, I’d like to participate but…

I’m having problems with access to things like ‘forums’… I have access to all the features in synchronocity but not govloop 🙁 And I’ve had no problems accessing capability in DEFStar.
So… my contributions (sadly) will be limited on govloop.

I can only get so for on govloop, which is surprising since it’s sponsored by DISA, correct?

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Erica Kraft

Actually… belay my last… I can get to forums and other ‘schtuff’… I just can’t get there from a direct link… might be user error. 🙁

I’ve been having problems with my browser since last week so.. who knows.

Erica Kraft

…all that being said, is there a way for me to synchronize my sychcronocity and govloop blog posts? I’d like to comment in one and have it show up in another?


Sorry Erica…not officially sponsored by DISA but working with some great people over there.

Sounds like you figured it out but me know if you have any troubles.