Holiday Gift-Giving Guidance for Government Contractors

A govWin knowledge editor, Sean Tucker, put together this interesting article on gift-giving guidance for government contractors to their federal customers. As the holidays are approaching I felt this would be relevant to most people on govloop.

Holiday Gift-Giving Guidance for Government Contractors

The holidays are here, and you’re shopping for a small gift to give the people who’ve worked hard to help your company survive a turbulent 2010.

You have a budget for the office party, of course, but you’d also like to leave something on desk chairs in the corporate office, and for the field team at the client site as well. A little trinket to show your appreciation. Maybe a small prepaid gas card, because you know how commuting costs are hurting them all, and you want to suggest to them that the company will do more to help when there’s a little more black ink.

And what about the government employees they work with so closely? The Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative interacts with your team every day, on every little project. They even share private jokes. It’s a close relationship. Should you leave him a gift card?

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