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Hoops Madness

In a world of opportunity and privilege, how do you stop and remember that not all live in that world? How do you give back to your community?

For me personally, the notion of noblesse oblige, and giving back, has always been important. In my business, as well, one of our core beliefs and practices is community involvement. Making a difference is a concept that Boxer Advisors, LLC embraces. It was a pleasure and an honor last week to be part of something with tremendous community impact. Hoops Madness is an annual charity event to support the Children’s Health Board of Children’s National Health System. I attended in Washington, DC. In addition to an enjoyable evening, I observed the following:

1. A reminder to myself to be open to opportunities. I was scheduled to do some work for a client that got postponed and decided to attend this event instead. I’m grateful for the invitation from Randy Jones.

2. Connections, both old and new, are delightful. I enjoyed the new people I met that evening, and look forward to spending more time with them. I also had the pleasure of seeing long term friends. One in particular, a woman I met when she was a freshman in college. It was great to see Jeanie Milbauer again.

3. Great work is being done on behalf of children’s health by the Children’s Health Board, such as the research by Gerald Gioia, Director of the Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery and Education program.

4. It takes a village to pull off an event such as Hoops Madness. An impressive number of people were involved in putting on the event; including the three women who chaired the event: Charisse Broussard, Ruth Pollard and Laurie Strongin, and their host committee that did a great job in organizing a really first-class event.

5. It never hurts to ask. People respond in impressive and sometimes surprising ways. I want to express my gratitude to Georgetown Prep Tennis center for donating one of the most impressive gifts at the silent auction: the entire facility was available for an evening next winter. Additionally, Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club and Massage Envy were also donors, and I appreciate these businesses stepping up and supplying goodies for the silent auction.

6. It feels good to practice what we preach. Giving back is such a core value at Boxer Advisors, LLC. It felt great to be among like-minded people who are involved in the community and actively involved in being champions for children’s health.

7. There are some real advocates for children’s health; including Congressman John Delaney and Congresswoman Lynn Jennings, both honored at the event.

8. The importance of a great coach. Oliver “Skip” Grant, coach at St. Albans school was honored during the event. Listening to the presentation of his award it was clear he made a big impact on many young people at St. Albans. Having the opportunity to speak with one of his players just cemented that thought. Well done, Coach Grant.

If you also went to this event, what were some of your take-aways? If you didn’t attend, there’s always next year to enjoy a similar evening and support the Children’s Health Board.

How are you leveraging your network to help do good in your community? How is your organization giving back to the community?

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