How do leaders promote and support the health and well-being of those they lead?

We were treated to the Olympics last month. As I watched those athletes compete as both the finest example of human health and fitness, as well as the finest representation of people and nations at their very best, my thoughts turned to mere mortals — my own health, and the health of those I lead, serve, and work with. Of ensuring the health and well-being of the people you lead, I have been advised that:

Leaders consider the environment in which they and their people work, attending to safety and well-being. They effectively identify and manage stress. They set a personal health example with emphasis on a program of physical fitness and emotional strength. Leaders encourage others to develop personal programs including physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I am curious for your thoughts and insight as to how we, as leaders of teams, organizations, corporations, government — and wherever else we work — promote and support the health and well-being of the people we lead (and, ultimately, serve).

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I’m sure leaders could do better. I know my agencie periodically puts articles out in our daily news in regards to stress, healthy habits, etc. We did have some great programs (WeightWatchers, Mayo Clinic program for one-on-one counseling on health habits/eating, etc…. but most have gone away now due to budget problems.

Andrew D Welch

Thanks, Tricia, for reading and commenting. You bring up a good point, I think, and that is how particularly important it is now that leaders not rely on special health and wellness “programs” that might have become too expensive in the face of budget challenges. Personal leadership, rather than relying on outside help, is more important than ever.

Someone commented directly on my blog, saying:

“My first duty as a leader is to ensure the health and welfare of those in my charge. In the corporate world that most often means helping the individual strike a life / work balance. A lot of people seem to have missed the “Work smarter, not harder” memo. Arrange tasking so that staff can have quality time with family, friends, and away from the smart phone.”

More important than ever, I think. Again, thanks for your thoughts. Enjoy your day!