How to get busy people to attend your event

I just got an email invitation from my friend John Werner, the Managing Director of Citizen Schools to his “Annual dinner celebration of amazing emerging leaders.”

He does something very innovative in his invitation…

He asks and then shares “Interesting” facts about the people attending.

His strategy – make you want to meet the people who are coming and make the event not just about a few, but everyone! #Awesome.

Here is a snippet of his email:

“Interesting” facts from a few that have RSVP’d (note not the honorees, they are below):

  • My fingerprints are on the planet Mars, I really am a rocket scientist
  • Invented Ethernet and authored “Metcalfe’s Law”
  • Just received 150 million from federal government to build innovative solar cells
  • All American/Academic football player
  • Camera woman on Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood
  • Wrangler for two horses, two African Lion Hounds and 1 reckless goat
  • Called ‘Johnny Appleseed of digital video production’ by Newsweek
  • I spent 2 years in Tokyo as a Rotary World Peace Fellow
  • I work in an office with a man who is one of the nation’s top experts on…wait for it: license plates
  • Skied with the Women’s Olympic team and was a principal in a Dove Soap commercial that ran for 2 years
  • I spoke with Notorious B.I.G. the day before he got shot
  • First digital movie made with Concord 2nd graders screened at Clinton White House
  • I used to be a fisherman in Madagascar
  • I received a standing ovation at Fenway this year
  • Work in 38 countries, I have a passion to create ‘A World Trade of Ideas’
  • I’ve visited 130 countries and counting
  • Founded the first US team to appear on the TV engineering competition, Junkyard Wars
  • TED Fellow 2011 & TEDxBoston 2011 Speaker
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • I assist the sailing masters on teaching MIT community how to sail but scared to death to go out out on one of the tech dingy’s by my self!
  • I went to a Quaker high school and joined the Marines
  • I know how to Lindy Hop

Makes you want to go to the event right?

How might you put this into practice and what difference might it have made for an event you were promoting?

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Alicia Mazzara

I love this idea! There are so many unknowns surrounding attending an event you’ve never been to before/where you don’t know anyone. This is a great way to draw people in.

Deb Green

Do folks send in interesting things about themselves or is this something that he just knows about the attendees? I think it’s a super tactic!

James Ferreira

If I went I would spend the whole time wondering who knows how to Lindy Hop and if there going to be a mad through down challenge.