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How-To: Manage Your Email Efficiently and Effectively!

This is one of the most daunting tasks a lot of business owners’ face on a daily basis. Here are some quick ways to manage your emails.

1. If you are inundated with emails from various online groups, adjust the settings so that you can receive one daily or weekly email.

2. Create individual folders for each client. This will hold all important correspondences and other information.

3. Create an ASAP folder. This can be used for any emails that need your immediate assistance. Group all of your VIP emails together 1st, and then review each one. This way you can focus on the VIP emails only!

4. Create a folder for your own company for all internal correspondences.

5. Create a Misc. folder for all your other emails that do not need your immediate attention.

6. Delete, delete, delete! Remove any other emails that just take up space.

Also, there’s a website that is dedicated to helping people manage your emails and not the other way around called Away Find, http://www.awayfind.com/.

I hope these helpful hints were to your benefit! Cheers! To a de-cluttered email account!

About the Author: Priscilla Walker is the president and CEO of Your Dependable VA, Inc., a cost effective virtual assistance company. We help small businesses grow by providing professional administrative and social media marketing assistance.

Let us help you take your business to the next level!

For more information, please go to www.YourDependableVA.com and/or contact me at [email protected] .
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Kathleen Smith

Thanks for the great advice. I actually use my In Box as my To Do list and only keep the number emails in my veiwable inbox down to one page – thus no more than 30 emails. All other emails are filed in folders, or deleted. This has saved me time and frustration over the last 10 year.

Mitch Arnowitz

Good read, thanks! the other thing I’ve been doing lately is archive, archive, archive! By now, I have several .pst files. My motivation was prompted by our e-mail providers not so gentle reminder that they don’t support folders larger that 500MB (MS suggested size limit). I did find that having less e-mail takes less time to go through!


I do the same as Kathleen and keep only emails that I need to follow up on in my in-box. I aim to either move an email to a specified folder or delete it.