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Three major problems with business development

Many of our clients shared with us their frustration with their current state of business development (BD). They either weren’t growing fast enough because they weren’t bidding on enough projects that were in their sweet spot, or they had wasted money going after poorly qualified opportunities that they had no chance of winning. All ofRead… Read more »

Win Themes Development Techniques

Win themes have three main functions in a pursuit: 1. In the capture phase, win themes are a first step in defining win strategy (and not the other way around). They help create customer messages to position the company; identify competitive advantages; and document the real reasons the company will win. 2. During the proposal,Read… Read more »

Avoiding Business Development Budgeting Pitfalls and Proposal Cost Cutting Blunders

As a proposal manager getting a proposal plan approved, I always found it difficult to get my management to approve a budget that was based on 40-hour weeks for employees and 50, 60, or even 70-hour weeks for consultants. It just didn’t look good: a consultant often cost more per hour than an employee, andRead… Read more »

How-To: Manage Your Email Efficiently and Effectively!

This is one of the most daunting tasks a lot of business owners’ face on a daily basis. Here are some quick ways to manage your emails. 1. If you are inundated with emails from various online groups, adjust the settings so that you can receive one daily or weekly email. 2. Create individual foldersRead… Read more »