HR Tips and Tricks!

One of the best ways to land a job is to know someone. One of the best ways to land a job in the federal government is to know someone in HR who can show you all the tips and tricks to get your resume to the top of the pile.

A group of HR professionals representing several different agencies shared with the attendees of NextGen 2013 what it takes to become a public servant. When applying for a federal job:

  • your resume should provide examples of your work
  • request informational interview and ask for a detail in that position to gain the necessary skills
  • quantify information (use numbers)
  • include cover letter to provide extra information

Once you are in, start planning your government career. These tips should serve as a guide to get you started:

  • once hired, find a mentor
  • create your IDP (Individual Development Plan) as soon as you start
  • consider the PMF (Presidential Management Fellow) and Pathways programs
  • look into rotational opportunities to learn things not in your current job

As you are progressing through the ranks, you may be ready for the SES (Senior Executive Service), which is comprised of men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of the government. Members of this group serve in key positions just below Presidential appointees and they must demonstrate the 5 competencies known as ECQ’s (Executive Core Qualifications):

  • Leading Change
  • Leading People
  • Business Acumen
  • Building Coalitions
  • Results Driven

When addressing these competencies, this is the time to be self centered; forget about WE and make it all about ME because the focus is on you, not your team/group. Use the STAR Method to guide your answers:

  • S– what is the situation?
  • T – task (specifics of what is required)
  • A – action (what did you do, what skills did you use/learn)
  • R – results (what was the outcome)

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