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HR=Humans Represent: Fall May Be Here, but Things Are Still Green!

I hope you take a moment to check out what’s going on the month of October. Plenty of things that require your awareness as a member of this planet. I’ve gone ahead and made it easy for you, and have listed events which impact you, your environment, and the world we live in – now if only everyone would get involved in some way!

October (month of) – Energy Awareness Month: Aimed at Federal employees to promote energy-saving practices at Federal facilities. It’s all about switching off unnecessary lights and equipment, utilizing ENERGY STAR and WaterSense products, and driving fuel-efficient vehicles!

October (month of) – International Walk to School Month:Be a part of a global event as children, parents, teachers and community leaders celebrate the many benefits of walking as well as working together to create communities which are safe places to walk.

October 4 – World Animal Day: Celebrate animal life in all its forms, after all there is a strong link to humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom. It’s time to acknowledge the divers roles animals play in our lives whether it’s companionship or their ability to support and help us.

October 4 World Habitat Day: The theme this year is “Better City, Better Life”. Observance highlights the actions and policies which can improve well-being for the billion people who live in slums and other sub-standard housing around the world. Reflect on the state of our towns and cities and the basic right of all – adequate shelter.

October 10 – 10:10:10 : A Global Day of Doing: The mission is simple. People will take simple steps to reduce their emissions, cutting carbon, and send a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

October 15 – National AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicle) Day Odyssey: The National Alternative Fules Training Consortium (NAFTC) has taken on this project due to the critical need to support the alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) industry by increasing public awareness to help eas our dependence on foreign oil, and to support manufactureres which are making AFVs a viable option for people everywhere.

October 13thInternational Day for Natural Disaster Reduction: This United Nations’ Day raises the profile of disaster risk reduction, encouraging people and governments to participate in building more resilient communities and nations.

October 15 – Blog Action Day: This year’s theme for all you bloggers is one of our most precious resources, water! So get to blogging and help spread the word about clean water and empower your readers to take action on the issue!

October 23 – Make A Difference Day: The national day to help others was started by USA WEEKEND Magazine, and it has become the nation’s largest day of volunteering. As they say – “Busy hands, better world”!

October 24-30th – Lead Poisoning Prevention Week:The goal of the CBC and HHS is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in the United States. Stressing the importance of screening, raising awareness and urging people to take steps to reduce lead exposure.

Did I miss anything? If so, please add the event in your comment to this blog and make us all aware! Thanks.

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