HR=Humans Represent: Still Left Standing in the Unemployment Line? Six R’s to Reemployment.

2010 is now in the past. If you’ve been out of work for what seems like eternity, I suggest making a few subtle changes to your job search in 2011. Last year I offered up some tips/ideas/suggestions, etc. in my weekly HR=Humans Represent Blogs.

This year, I suggest shaking things up a bit – expand on what you are already doing:

Resume – A new format might be in need. Reconsider the chronological resume. Instead, modify your such that it highlights your skills versus your work history. This may just be what gets you the interview.

Repackage – If you’ve been extending your search in a particular industry or field, but opportunities aren’t there to apply for, take some time to think about just what are your transferable skills, and how they may apply to a different industry or type of role.

Reconnect – Most people will get focused on either a certain group, or utilizing certain techniques when networking. Really reconnect to networking! Find some different groups to join (there are others out there besides LinkedIn), and new ways to meet people outside of your usual circle.

Reexamine Don’t just rely on your own view and interpretations. Ask a friend or former co-worker with good professional judgment to give you feedback on how you are doing. Take some time to explain to them what you are doing in your job search as it relates to your resume, cover letter, interviews, follow-up correspondence, etc.

Refashion – You don’t want to show up for an interview looking too “retro”, so consider updating your interview wardrobe (a new contemporary hairstyle may be in order too). Nothing too trendy, just classic business attire is in order. This includes footwear and accessories as well don’t forget!

Reaching – The truth is that some parts of the U.S. are recovering faster than others. If the search is not working in your area, it may be time to look at moving to a different city.

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