Hyperlinks in DFARS Prescriptions

This is an relatively easy task that will save time for DoD’s tens of thousands of contracting officers and contract specialists — place hyperlinks in all DFARS clauses to the prescriptions. Some have hyperlinks, some don’t. While this doesn’t have a huge impact for a single person picking out clauses, scale it into thousands of people over years, and there are significant time drains. This isn’t a technically difficult thing to do, but it is tedious. Assign a few people to do this. It may even go unnoticed by many people, but it will help us do our jobs. As a special note, the lack of hyperlinks is called out during CON 090 courses, so people other than me are aware of this issue.

Link: FARSite

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Don Mansfield


Why don’t you send an e-mail to the Webmaster? Maybe he/she is not aware of the clauses that don’t contain links to prescriptions. I’ve had good luck doing this in the past.

Sterling Whitehead

I had a response from FARSite. DPAP maintains the source files and doesn’t like them being messed with. A request is being made (again) by FARSite to address this and update the hyperlinks. I can only hope that it works.