Valentine’s Day political law links

HOUSE TRAVEL RULES IN THE NEWS. Roll Call. “Travel disclosure reports filed with the House Ethics Committee show that participants used an exemption that permits additional travel time to far-off locations and paid their own hotel bills for an extra day or two, allowing them to spend several days in Vegas and still accept round-trip airfare and other expenses from the association — exactly what a 2007 rules change was supposed to eliminate.”

ANOTHER SUPER PAC PACT? Story here. “Tammy Duckworth, one of two Democratic Congressional candidates making a bid in the 8th District, challenged her opponent Monday to reject any contribution from Super PACs — political action committees that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.”

MT SUPER PAC PACT UPDATE. News here. “U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) has rejected U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg’s (R-MT) offer to ban all out of state money from their race for the U.S. Senate.”

STATUS OF STANFORD CONTRIBUTIONS. Story here. “National fundraising committees for the Democratic and Republican parties, President Barack Obama, and other major politicians have declined to return campaign donations totaling $1.8 million from Houston financier R. Allen Stanford, now on trial for allegedly masterminding a $7 billion Ponzi scheme.”

LOBBYISTS SUE. The Hill. “Lobbyists who were booted from federal advisory committees by the Obama administration are suing the government to reverse the ban on their service.”

REP. RICHARDSON AND ETHICS. Politico. “Democratic Rep. Laura Richardson instructed taxpayer-funded House aides to work on political redistricting last year, sources familiar with the situation told POLITICO.”

CU AND THE R RACE. Story here. “And with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, Sabato says money’s no longer a major deterrent for candidates wanting to enter the race late.”

LOBBYIST ALLEGATIONS IN GA. Story here. “Former lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy said on Monday that she offered $2 million in campaign help to then-state Sen. Jim Preuitt in exchange for his vote on gambling legislation after he had previously voted against bringing it up for consideration.”


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