“I Didn’t Pay Enough” seems to be working

Arizona lawmakers this year decided to add a voluntary contribution fund called “I Didn’t Pay Enough” to Arizona’s income tax form this year. The results? 386 taxpayers gave the state an extra $13,204 to Arizona’s general fund.

Arizona residents donations averaged $34 with a range of 1 -10 dollars the most prevalent, with one tax return giving $1,000.

Here in Arizona, the idea of a “pay more” fund gained poplularity as the state began cutting programs and slashing costs. You may be saying $13,000? Heck, that covers a little more than half of one of our lawmaker’s annual salary of $24,000!

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Alicia Mazzara

Getting $13,000 is better than getting no donations, right? It’s not a lot, but I guess I’m surprised that many people donated at all. I bet if they renamed the fund something a little more warm and fuzzy, more people would give. I Didn’t Pay Enough just makes me think of taxes, rather than the services that might be improved through a donation.