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I had my own Wimbledon Moment (or… “Life Lessons from Tennis”)

I had my own Wimbledon moment this week. Played tennis with a friend to a 5-5 tie
Tuesday morning. Then like Mahut I finished that set this morning and lost 8-6 and then lost
the 2nd set 6-2.

Life lessons from tennis… I play better if I’m not thinking ahead to the
next point or the next game or what I’ll do if the ball gets hit there
or if I should run to the net after this shot or what if I lose this
game. It’s better if I just focus on the moment, the shot I have in
front of me right now. I think that has some life lessons in it…

Oh, and I have also found that I play better if I’m not thinking about what I’m going to post for my social media updates later on about the tennis I’m playing now, the score, or the life lessons I’m learning from it…

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