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Geeking Out With Gavin: Making the Most of Shortcuts and Hotkeys

“Geeking Out with Gavin” is a weekly series highlighting ways to improve your productivity on the web. In my day-to-day work and use of the computer, I find that the vast majority of my time is spent in the browser. Sure, I’ll delve into MS Office occasionally, do some playlist modification with my music program,Read… Read more »

Geeking Out With Gavin: Boomerang Your Gmails

Last week, I told you about my run-in with the neighbor. The college kid helped me with my laptop and gave me some great advice on optimizing Gmail. So I decided to turn it into a series on GovLoop. Here’s your latest installment! Q: What was that Boomerang thing you mentioned that allows me toRead… Read more »

Media Snacking

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we consume media these days and how this transformational shift is affecting us all. First, I should tell you that when it comes to technology trends in communication I tend to be an early adopter…not quite on the cutting edge but close enough. I also tend to beRead… Read more »

Seinfeld in Government

If Seinfeld characters were in government, what federal departments and agencies would they be in? Newman. US Postal Service. He actually worked for the USPS in the show, so there isn’t speculation here. Kramer. Defense Department. Kramer had so many different jobs that he had to be at DoD, which is so large it hasRead… Read more »

Pat Sajak on Fed Voting Rights

So I know I rarely post here anymore, but this link was too epic to let slide: Wherein you find one Pat Sajak questioning whether Feds should be eligible for the vote or even some lovely parting gifts. None of my family and friends is allowed to appear on Wheel of Fortune. Same goesRead… Read more »