I want to refer the GovLoop community to TechView, a new web site/blog that I am hosting

It’s called Focus Washington TechView, and it’s goal is to explore the intersection of government, technology, and policy (not politics, but policy with a small “p”). It is mostly video interviews with DC-based tech reporters, tech industry luminaries who are doing interesting things (we did an interview recently with a telecom guy who lead a “telecom without borders” mission to Haiti to set up free call-centers for displaced families trying to talk to their relatives), and looks at issues like how the open government directives are being implemented, what’s going on with the government adoption of cloud computing, and other topics along those lines.

Yes, some or our interviews can sound a little too much like marketing for our guests’ companies, but we are trying to keep them on “point of view” topics rather than talking about themselves. For example, on the Monday after the big December snowstorm in DC, I interviewed a top Cisco exec on why the Federal Government would ever announce that it was closed due to weather– are they still using carbon copies and manual typewriters? What happened to the promises of teleworking? In any case, check it out, and any and all comments and content is welcome, especially from the govloop folks. And if you are in DC and want to do an interview on a relevant topic, would love to hear from you. http://www.focuswashington.com/techview Thanks– Don

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