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To Know the Cloud Is to Embrace the Cloud– Survey of Gov’t IT Professionals

My firm, Bluetext, just released a survey of government IT professionals that found, perhaps to no one’s surprise, that those most familiar with cloud services recognize that they can gain efficiencies and realize cost savings by moving to the cloud. What’s more interesting, however, is the perceived lack of support by managers and leaders forRead… Read more »

Are you a Gov IT Professional? Check out just launched as a go-to resource for any government IT professional involved in cybserSecurity. It’s main feature is an on-line assessment of cybersecurity skills to determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and it also has a broad variety of resources, ranging from “Cybersecurity for Dummies” to detailed technical papers on everyRead… Read more »

Open Government Critique in FCW

Not sue if anyone else saw the FCW article on the new critique of Open Government. It discusses a new report by IBM’s Center for the Business of Government that finds lots of challenges for agencies attemtping to implement Open Government, including “a lack of resources, organizational roadblocks and legal, contractual, procurement and policy problems.”Read… Read more »