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Telecom Aid in Haiti

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Paul Margie (here’s the interview) of Telecoms Without Borders, on his recent trip to Haiti, where they provided much-needed phone calls between survivors and their families both in Haiti and here in the United States. A very cool use of telecom technology and logistical expertise at work inRead… Read more »

Politics and technology reporter Kim Hart on the telecom battles in Washington this year.

Thought GovLoop fans might be interested in this TechView interview I did with Kim Hart recently back. Kim used to cover technology and government for the Washington Post, but has recently moved over to cover technology and Washington for The Hill a D.C.-based newspaper (with on-line updates) that covers politics. She gives you a senseRead… Read more »

I want to refer the GovLoop community to TechView, a new web site/blog that I am hosting

It’s called Focus Washington TechView, and it’s goal is to explore the intersection of government, technology, and policy (not politics, but policy with a small “p”). It is mostly video interviews with DC-based tech reporters, tech industry luminaries who are doing interesting things (we did an interview recently with a telecom guy who lead aRead… Read more »

The Federal Budget made simple

The New York Times did a really good on-line graphic with the federal budget data late last week– so good that even a reporter from the Washington Post gave it kudos. Check it out here: