I Went from Beauty Queen to Govie Geek: And I’m Proud Of It!


Thats right! I spent my younger years (really not all that long ago) competing for various beauty queen titles, including everything from Miss America to Miss Hawaiian Tropic. But behind all of the glitz, glitter, and butt glue(yes thats right we glue our swimsuits to our bottoms)…all I wanted to be when I “grew up” was a GOVIE!

Believe it or not there are a lot of similarities between being a Govie Geek and a Beauty Queen.

Beauty Queens have to:

  • have great people skills
  • serve a mission (known as a platform) for their title year
  • be great public speakers with polished communication skills
  • seek out mentors to help them improve their skills
  • be subject to a lot of public scrutiny

Most importantly both Beauty Queens and Govie Geeks, really have to believe in what they do and know why they do it.

Sound familiar? If you’re a Govie Geek it probably does.

So a few years later and though I may wear a little less lip gloss, have put away the butt glue, and traded the swimsuit for a pants suit; I’ve carried my Beauty Queen AWESOMENESS straight to Washington and am proud to call myself a GOVIE GEEK.

For more on what Beauty Queens and Govie Geeks have in common visit Dr. Gov Loop’s Daily Dose post.

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Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Good for you, Candace! Interesting parallels between Beauty Queens and Govie Geeks! You could certainly be a “model” (okay, pun intended) for others looking to make the transition to careers in gov! Perhaps… a role as a spokesperson or poster child? Thanks for posting, Candace.

Candace Riddle

@ Jay – every government worker could serve as a “model” for others looking to make the transition. We all have a voice, we all have a story of how we got “in”, and hopefully we all believe in our mission. So, why not share that knowledge and help others with fresh eyes and bright ideas join the team!

Michele Costanza

@Candace: Was your mission world peace?

Seriously, it’s difficult to tell from the profiles in GovLoop a person’s formal position/job title/agency because that information isn’t asked of us when we join.

What is that you do as a govie? Communications? Public Affairs or Public Relations? Electrical engineering? Software engineering? What is your story for how you got “in” your position with the government?

I didn’t start out as a beauty queen and become a geek. I’ve always been a geek, and I’m proud of it!

Alycia Piazza

I think the most important piece here is “believing in what you do and why you do it” – Being a cheerleader for your platform, and without disclosing my past (maybe cheerleader / maybe beauty queen)…I will say I’m 100% behind my projects, and I’m a contractor ;-). Thanks Candance – fun post!

Lindsey L Williams

Govie Queen,

I don’t see an issue here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with possessing a combination of beauty, intellect, and public service awareness. Most important, the constant drive to take it to the top..I call that “goal attainment”. Congratulations on your courage and ability to “stick with it”.

Kenn Jameson

i agree. we should all be “models” for others who are interested in a career with the government. but i believe that believeing in what you do is key. you have to believe in the vision of your mission and share it with others so they to will catch the vision and run with it. candace, thanks for your post and believing in what you do.

Candace Riddle

@ Kenn and Lindsey – Thanks for your comments.

Kenn you are so right. I harp on vision and mission all the time, and constantly try to drive my peers back to the “mission statement”. It is like the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps us all on track.