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I Went from Beauty Queen to Govie Geek: And I’m Proud Of It!

GOVIE GEEK (2010) BEAUTY QUEEN (2008) Thats right! I spent my younger years (really not all that long ago) competing for various beauty queen titles, including everything from Miss America to Miss Hawaiian Tropic. But behind all of the glitz, glitter, and butt glue(yes thats right we glue our swimsuits to our bottoms)…all I wantedRead… Read more »

The Cost of Working for the Government: My Reason Why Government Doesn’t SUCK!

Considering a job with the Government may be a tough decision, at least in the financial aspect. Nonetheless, many young, bright minds seek a position with the government. For me it has been a life long dream, but now in my mid-twenties, with student loans from undergraduate and graduate school, a child, a mortgage, aRead… Read more »

GovLoop Project of the Week – GovLuv

1. What is GovLuv? GovLuv is a website that connects government representatives and citizens through Twitter. It illuminates the existing conversations and encourages a more productive two-way dialog. It is a project of and the Open Forum Foundation, and is freely available as a public service. 2. How did the idea of GovLuv comeRead… Read more »