If I Ruled the World: My Dreams

The song “If I Ruled the World” by Nas inspired this post.

Hip Hop music inspires not just the urban community, but this genre of music inspires the world to dream big. But, some artists and leaders of the music industry do not show their fans how to be rulers of their own fate. It is so easy to become consumed with your own dreams, but what really inspires me is watching others become great. If I ruled the world, I would love to see everyone become great kings and queens of their destinies.

What is a ruler?
A ruler is one such as a monarch or dictator, that rules of governs. An enlightened ruler must think logical, ensure that people have their natural rights and promote the arts, sciences and education. But, above all an enlightened ruler should obey the law and enforce it fairly upon his people.

Dreams can be derived from inspiration, but one has to become a ruler of their dreams. To be a ruler of your dreams, you have obtain a spirit of faith, rulers are don’t have a spirit of fear; they govern their inspiration. Inspirational people are fearless and they believe in their dreams. As a ruler of your dreams, your dreams should not just inspire you, but they should have a positive influence on the world.

Are you going to become a ruler of your dreams or are you going to just watch your inspiration pass you by?

Kanika Tolver

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Terrance Glover

I enjoyed your blog. The point you conveyed ito be a leader of your dreams really drives the point home. It is important for career driven employees to be reminded and inspired to take charge of your careers. I agree. The comparison of the song “If I Ruled the World” does highlight the key point to fisrt dream and analyze your thoughts, imagine it, then make a plan to persue. What a thoughtful blog and thanks for sharing.