In Memory of David Evans, a Friend and Ally of the High Ground of Texas and the South Plains.

Today I have lost a dear friend and ally, David Evans. David was the Economic Developer in Plainview and served with me on the High Ground of Texas board of directors. Over the last several years David had become more than a colleague, he was a dear friend.

We traveled many of the same roads in search of opportunities for our communities, yet there was never a feeling of combativeness between us. We often shared our approaches with one another, while more often than not; I was the one doing the listening and David the teaching.

David’s willingness to share his experience with his less seasoned colleagues around the region and his desire to leave this world better than he found it made him the embodiment of the very sprit upon which the High Ground of Texas was founded twenty years ago.

So in return for David’s support for our region the High Ground of Texas has established the “David Evans Spirit of Giving Scholarship Fund”. He often talked to Lorie Vincent, Executive Director of the High Ground of Texas, about what he could do to ensure the growth of rural Texas and foster economic development support for those with limited resources.

“It was his desire to be a part of a legacy that would continue to support his dream for “making a difference”. Donations to his scholarship fund will be used to provide assistance for economic development practitioners to obtain economic development education, then taking that knowledge back to where it would be put to good use,” says Lorie

The HGEF will work closely with David’s family to insure that his wishes are carried out. If you would like, you can make a gift to the “David Evans Spirit of Giving Scholarship Fund” by going to the following link
or you can send a donation to:

David Evans Spirit of Giving Scholarship Fund
c/o The High Ground Education Foundation
P.O. Box 716
Stratford, TX 79084

Please note on the online form that the gift is for David Evans or write it on your check. Gifts acknowledgements will be immediately sent to the family of David Evans.

“David you have blessed me with your friendship and love, farewell my friend.”

Dave Quinn, Levelland Economic Development Corporation

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