2009 Theme Provides Powerful Marketing Opportunities

The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area’s (CFCNCA) 2009 theme is:

The Compassion of Individuals. The Power of Community.

The theme promotes the individual choice of donors to support personally relevant causes, while emphasizing the benefit of participation in a collective effort. It offers ways to highlight the extensive number of diverse charities supported by the CFC and promotes the generosity and strength of the Federal workforce. And thanks to the numerous marketing resources created to reinforce this message, it offers Federal agencies and departments a wide-range of opportunities to market their campaigns.

From customizable items such as

• Posters,
• Campaign cards
• Graphical banners,
• Artwork
• Graphics

CFCNCA volunteers are finding an abundant array of tools to promote their campaign this year.
Please take a look at some of the examples of how other Federal agencies are incorporating the theme’s collateral elements into their campaigns and hopefully you will be able to unlock some of your own creative genius when it comes to marketing your 2009 CFC campaign.

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