Inefficient Systems Drive Me Crazy!

My daughter Julia turned six months old the other day. At six months additional shots are required, so on Wednesday May 3rd Julia, Cheryl and I went to the doctor’s office for an appointment. After the shots were done and a very angry Julia let it be known what she thought of this visit, the doctor directed us to stop at the reception desk on the way out to schedule an appointment three months down the road.

After waiting in line for five minutes, when we attempted to schedule our next appointment, we were informed that an appointment could not be scheduled as the calendar for August could not be accessed until Monday May 7th. The office will call us on Monday May7th to schedule the next appointment. Really? What computer calendar program does not let you schedule an appointment beyond 90 days?

At an office that concentrates in caring for children, I would guess that many appointments are scheduled out 90 days and beyond. Yet time after time people are directed to the recptionist and told the calendar cannot be accessed and they will receive a follow-up phone call.

Inefficient systems drive me crazy!


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