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The Best Reason NOT to Lie on Your Résumé–You Will Eventually Get Caught!

After reading this article, I just have to ask… why did he lie? He did not need to lie. He has an accounting degree and NOT having a Bachelor’s degree in computer science does not seem that it would be a deal breaker based on his track record. It is very sad to see this happen. Who knows, maybe he will make a come back like Robert Irvine did on the Food Network. (He lied about making Princess Diana’s wedding cake.)

Moral of the story: NEVER lie. Do not even fudge a little. More than likely you have SOME attribute that would far outweigh the lie. Dig a little deeper, be strategic, but never lie.

What is your take?


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Corey McCarren

I wonder how far back the lie goes, like if he would have ever gotten the position that allowed him to be considered for Yahoo! CEO if he didn’t lie about the computer science degree. At my undergrad we had a situation where a person who went to the school 30 or so years ago lied about having gotten his degree –he was 3 credits short. He was finally found out about and wanted to get the last 3 credits but the requirements for the degree had since changed so there was a lot of uproar over whether or not to let him take another similar 3 credit course to earn his degree. Another issue was that credits eventually don’t count anymore as courses and requirements change, so technically a lot of his credits were worthless.