INPUT Government Community

Providing Government with Vital Intelligence to Make Effective Procurement Decisions

FREE access for government employees to:

  • Over 1.3 million company profiles
  • Over 480 organization charts of government agencies
  • Nearly 2 million federal and state and local contacts
  • Over 3.2 million labor rates from federal contracts
  • Updates on thousands of active procurements
  • Thousands of awarded RFPs
  • And much more…

When preparing to release a solicitation, leveraging existing information and lessons learned from other agencies can be crucial to your planning process. Have other government agencies or offices made similar procurements? Are there past solicitation documents containing information that would save you valuable research time? What other governments can you contact to gather vendor references on past performance?

The INPUT Government Community is an online government intelligence portal that provides you the contacts, information and resources you need to create and award successful solicitations. Join the INPUT Government Community and use INPUT government intelligence to procure quality solutions and services from the right vendors at a competitive price.

Through the INPUT Government Community, you can:

  • Gain visibility into different vendors performance and see which contracts they have been awarded
  • Save research time in pricing evaluation by reviewing prices on awarded contracts from other agencies and states
  • Find out which governments employ a technology you are preparing to pursue
  • Communicate with government program managers about lessons learned and vendor experiences
  • See how other states rated vendors by viewing solicitation evaluations

In the INPUT Government Community you will have access to:

  • Upcoming, current, and past solicitations from other federal, state and local governments
  • Contact information and detailed org charts for other government program managers, offices, technology professionals, CIOs, elected officials, and agency executives
  • Government labor rates covering programs, contracts and different vendors
  • Profiles of federal agencies and state governments detailing procurement regulations
  • Profiles of federal agencies and state governments outlining the technology priorities of other agencies and states
  • Profiles of agency and state technology environments by program
  • A Document library providing copies of past solicitations, technology plans, strategic and roadmap documents for federal, state and local programs
  • The Largest news aggregation service focused on government technology

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