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Procurement: Getting The Most Out Of Your Demo Day

Choosing a new technology vendor will impact your agency for years. By taking note of the suggestions above, agencies can capitalize on their in-person interactions with potential vendors, from meeting prep to live demos and Q&A. If you can make potential vendors prove their worth on demo day, you can be that much more confident… Read more »

Why You Should Ditch the Requirements Checklist

Better technology solutions begin with better procurement strategies. Releasing an RFP is no small feat, and we’ve only just touched on the comprehensive ocean of how to improve your agency’s RFP process. However, by following the guidance here, you can be sure your procurement process will be more forward-looking, low-risk and satisfactory for your agency.

Here Is Your Government Contract

There are literally thousands of RFPs available at all government levels. Government contracts vary in award size and scope, but for many small to mid-size businesses looking to jump star or even create a nice financial cushion to withstand the ups and downs that happen throughout the year, even small contracts can be beneficial. HereRead… Read more »