INSA Unit Releases Document on How to Prevent Insider Threats

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance unit has published a document to offer recommendations on how to develop strategies and implement initiatives for protecting information technology infrastructure.

“A Preliminary Examination of Insider Threat Programs in the U.S. Private Sector” is intendedas an introduction into how organizations handle potential risks to their virtual assets and resources, INSA said Thursday.

Joseph DeTrani, president of INSA, said the organization sought to establish a framework for a threat mitigation program..

“Measures to protect against threats must also focus on human psychological events and indicators, as well as technology-based indicators, like tracking online activity or phone records ” DeTrani said.

“Business organizations received a wakeup call in response to recent, high profile events on the potential impacts and vulnerabilities of an insider threat,” said Dawn Cappelli, chairman of the INSA Cyber Council Insider Threat Task Force chair.

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