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INSA Unit Releases Document on How to Prevent Insider Threats

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance unit has published a document to offer recommendations on how to develop strategies and implement initiatives for protecting information technology infrastructure. “A Preliminary Examination of Insider Threat Programs in the U.S. Private Sector” is intendedas an introduction into how organizations handle potential risks to their virtual assets and resources,Read… Read more »

INSA Cyber Innovation Symposium 26 September 2012

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), a great group of US national security professionals, is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit, private sector organization which provides a forum for thought leadership, idea generation, information sharing and networking. Members include many individuals with national security backgrounds and over 150 corporate members from some of our nation’s greatest firmsRead… Read more »

6 Recommendations for Improving Security Clearance Management

Tim Clark, Government Executive, Charlie Allen, INSA, John Fitzpatrick, National Archives On the whole we’ve slain the dragon of taking months, if not years, to process clearances on the front end. Anecdotally there are still horror stories, but there’s no denying great strides have been made. From an average of 446 days to process initialRead… Read more »