Introducing Datameer 2.0: Hadoop (and more) to the desktop

Datameer’s new version adds to its already impressive ability to empower enterprise users. Datameer was already a capability that could be used by both advanced data scientists and the average enterprise workforce. Now its capabilities have been enhanced to the point that anyone with a PC can use it.

I received a webinar of the demo and was just blown away by how smooth it looks and how easy it is to learn. It makes it so easy to bring together data from multiple sources and in multiple formats and then easily display that data in many ways. It is also easy to leverage high end analytical tools over that data.

Datameer personal runs on a single desktop. Datameer Workgroup runs on a single server. Datameer Enterprise can scale to thousands of nodes. And all those versions come with the smooth easy look and feel that underscore the respect for users that a capability like this should have. All also come with GREAT dashboarding capabilities and perhaps of more importance, live infographics. The infographics will just blow you away.

Here is more from their press release of 11 June 2012:

Additional major new features found in all three Editions of Datameer 2.0 include
the industry’s first Business Infographics Designer, an enhanced user interface,
support for more data sources than ever, and extended OS and device support.
Datameer 2.0 combines a simple spreadsheet interface with the unlimited data
storage and compute powers of Hadoop, enabling business users to improve
company performance, better understand customer behavior, and optimize
business processes.

“Our goal is to really democratize data analytics by giving our users the tools they
need to make data-driven decisions faster,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of
Datameer. “By bypassing the traditional, slow, multi-step process of creating
static schemas, we enable users to get right to analyzing and visualizing data
without needing to rely on IT.”

“Nurago uses Datameer in large part because its makes us very efficient in
getting the analytics we need to help drive our day to day business,” said
Nikolaus Pohle, CTO at Nurago. “The new user interface in Datameer 2.0 takes
ease-of-use to a whole new level and certain features like the new Finder and the
Sheet Dependency Overlay have had a direct impact on how quickly and
efficiently we can get to, and act on, our insights.”

Business Infographics on Any Device, Expanded Data Sources
With the introduction of the Business Infographics Designer, Datameer 2.0
breaks traditional box after box style of dashboards by giving users complete
graphics and visualization design control. The vector-based WYSIWYG designer
enables users to choose exactly how they want to visualize their data, whether its
stunning infographics or more traditional reports, maps, graphs and dashboards.
Built on HTML5, Datameer 2.0 runs on any device, letting users work with and
visualize their data on smart phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers.
Datameer supports all of the popular operating systems including Windows and
Mac OS as well as Linux and VMWare.

Datameer 2.0 now supports more data sources than ever, adding to an already
extensive list and easy-to-use API for custom integration. New sources in 2.0
include Twitter and Facebook, Netezza and COBOL as well as Teradata export.
Datameer also offers improved HIVE integration, including the ability to export to
HIVE as well as the previously supported HIVE data import.
Pricing and Availability

Those interested in evaluating or purchasing any Edition of Datameer 2.0 can
immediately sign up on For a limited time only, Datameer is
offering special introductory subscription pricing. Datameer Personal will be
available for $299, Datameer Workgroup will be available for $2999, and
Datameer Enterprise pricing varies depending on needs.
Datameer 2.0 will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at the next Datameer
Meetup, in conjunction with Big Data Camp, on Tuesday, June 12th at 5:30 p.m.
at the San Jose Convention Center, Meeting Room C.

About Datameer
Datameer offers the first data analytics solution that helps end users access,
analyze and visualize data of any type, size, or source. Founded by Hadoop
veterans in 2009, Datameer provides unparalleled access to data with minimal IT
resources. Datameer scales from a laptop to thousands of nodes and is available
for all major Hadoop distributions including Apache, Cloudera, EMC,
Hortonworks, IBM, MapR, Yahoo!, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Datameer is
based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information on Datameer, please visit and follow them on Twitter @Datameer.

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