New Energy Forum Brings Together Top Roster of Presenters For One Day in D.C. on June 21, 2012

The WGES DC takes place on June 21, 2012 at the Washington Post Conference Center. The attendees will meet a Veteran Actor of 85 Films, a Scientific Leader of Energy & Environment, Officers Leading some of the Largest Contracts in the World, Representative from the Pentagon, learn about the Hydrogen Superhighway project, innovative energy saving auto technologies, transportation project updates, Connect with program managers ready to buy, hear from and meet U.S. Department of Energy subject matter expert, see the latest innovations and receive a personal update on the Sustainable Plan to create jobs and turn the most powerful city in the country GREEN presented by the Mayor of DC himself!

The WGES is specific in its mission drawing the right audience of decision makers and forward thinkers who put differences aside and come together with one intent to learn, exchange and procure latest information, innovations & technologies to implement into their businesses, organizations or agencies which ultimately serves to improve both the environment and their bottom line. Attendees are astute in their knowledge and thirst for information on new energy, and consist of contractors, architects, engineers, scientists, contracting & program officers, and industries such as construction, manufacturers, as well as academia, government agencies, large industry, small businesses, and others there specifically to learn, connect, exchange and show consensus on their commitment to different improvements and advancements. It is this consensus building bringing all together from multi-disciplines which leads ultimately to improvements.

According to Moody’s Economic Report there is $154 billion in private capital worldwide projected tripling to $2.2 trillion by 2020. Those who attend the WGES Forum in DC on June 21, 2012 at the Washington Post Conference Center will connect with leaders in the energy industry who present latest case studies, unveil upcoming innovations and projects, discuss contracting opportunities and provide updates on the latest policy.

The confirmed speakers and topics include an impressive diversified list of speakers unveiling major programs and opportunities such as the Honorable Mayor Vincent Gray who will outline the District’s Sustainable DC plan, a district wide grass roots initiative involving the District community in outreach and engagement during the past 7 months. In addition experts from industry present such as, Kurt Yeager named Scientific American’s Leader for Energy & Environment and author of 200 technical publications on energy & environmental tactics and others from private industry tell of their first hand experience and lessons learned such as Justin Eric Sutton on the worldwide hydrogen super highway project; Samuel Burlum, of Extreme Energy Solutions on emissions reduction, fuel economy and environmental mitigation; and Lawrence Silverman, chief scientist and owner of more than 100 patents discusses innovations. Other sessions include Certification & Legal Experts such as Gina Dennis, Esq. LEED AP discussing Green Buildings and the Actual Realization of Energy Savings; Michelle Desiderio, Director National Association of Home Builders Research Center national green building certification program based on ANSI-approved Green Building Standard; while Professor James A. Momoh, Director of Howard University’s CESaC Department touches on Smart Grid Design for Flexible Power Networks Operation & Control and Virginia Gibson water management expert AFE Board, International Green Industry Hall of Fame.

There is a session from several Federal Government agency experts who Discuss Large Projects & Opportunities from the Department of Defense, and Department of the Air Force (Pentagon) showcasing latest energy initiatives for its community. In addition, Greg Nadeau, Deputy Administrator United States Department of Transportation and William Toth, Director of the United States General Services Administration Fleet discuss projects and contracting opportunities in this area. Other Federal Government agency experts discuss Small Business Opportunities such as Kent Hibben, Department of Energy Subject Matter Expert and Spokesperson on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Kevin Boshears, Director of the Department of Homeland Security Security’s Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business, Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau discuss STEM and millions in GREEN programs; and Ms. Barbara Lang CEO and President of the DC Chamber updates the audience on local businesses and Darrell Brown Small Business Development Center local session on opportunities & updates include Local Opportunities Jeffrey King, Council of Government (COG), Christophe Tulou Department of Environment, Harriet Tregoning, Office of Planning, Brandon Mitchell Office of Planning & Economic Development; in addition valuable sessions on sustainable marketing tactics during the digital age of new media & social media do’s & don’ts leading experts Al Cole of CBS & People of Distinction and Pat Lynch founder Women’s Radio and Audio Acrobat and others.

The WGES Forum in DC will simulate the WGES Annual Event which features Celebrity Hosts as its Master of Ceremonies. In DC the WGES Council is pleased to announce that Dee Wallace will serve as Celebrity Host for the one day forum. Dee Wallace has appeared in more than 85 films and achieved over 100 credits as an actor in film, television and theater. She is perhaps most known as the Star of Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award nominated movie “ET”. Ms. Wallace attended the University of Kansas and taught high school English while directing plays. She has also been featured in or contributed articles for many publications including People, US, Guideposts, Family, TV Guide, LA Times and the Washington Post. Ms. Wallace currently hosts weekly international radio shows.

Those who attend WGES are forward thinking individuals who come from all walks of life and are themselves decision makers and innovators. There are still a few sponsorship opportunities a portion of the sponsorship covers a portion of entry for some local university students interested in careers in the industry to attend, registration is found on the website

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