Investigation questions, News Corp. news, OCE a target, and more political law links

REP. RIVERA IN THE NEWS. Roll Call. “The FBI and IRS are investigating Rep. David Rivera over payments that a casino company may have made to a company owned by the Florida Republican’s mother, the Miami Herald reported Thursday.”


WHAT HAPPENED AT THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION? Here’s a press release related to yesterday’s meeting. “The Commission issued an advisory opinion concluding that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) may revise its disclaimers on its standard and mobile fundraising solicitation webpages. The DSCC’s revised solicitation webpages eliminate the separate box that donors check to affirm their eligibility to make a contribution and instead ask donors to “certify” their eligibility to make a contribution by clicking the button to complete their contribution.”

EDWARDS REPAYMENT. The Hill. “Former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) must repay the federal government millions of dollars in matching funds, the Federal Election Commission unanimously ruled Thursday.”

RUNNING AND GOVERNING. Politico. “No laws prohibit the president or senior West Wing officials from engaging in electoral activity during their day jobs, although the 1930s-era Hatch Act prohibits them from using government resources to do so or to fundraise in U.S. government offices. Most federal workers, including White House staff, are permitted to politick during their off hours, but not while at work.”

NEWS CORP. PAC REPORT. The Post. “News Corp.’s political action committee increased its donations in June, giving more than $50,000 to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, according to a disclosure report filed Wednesday evening.”

NEWS CORP.’S MAN IN DC. The Post. “According to a senior official at News Corp., ’99 percent’ of News Corp.’s government relations in Washington fall to [Michael] Regan and his North Capitol Street lobbyists, who constitute one of the most muscular teams in town.”

OFFICE OF CONGRESSIONAL ETHICS IN TARGET. Miami Herald. “A congressman who was investigated last year by the Office of Congressional Ethics has introduced an amendment to cut the office’s budget by 40 percent.”

REMAINING FUNDS STORY. “As Republican senatorial candidates scramble for cash to take on well-funded Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, Mike Haridopolos is sitting on nearly $3 million in contributions.” News on the Haridopolos campaign account here.

RECORD LOBBYING. Story here. “Google and Facebook both spent more money on lobbyists this quarter than they ever have before, according to disclosure documents filed Wednesday.”

FCPA REFORM SPENDING. The WSJ reports. “ILR’s FCPA wish list includes a compliance defense; a narrower definition of who qualifies as a foreign official; limited liability for the past actions of newly acquired companies and for the conduct of subsidiaries; and a ‘willfulness’ requirement for corporate criminal liability.”

IF CORPORATIONS AREN’T PEOPLE. Ilya Shapiro co-wrote this paper on the topic. “In short, rights-bearing individuals do not forfeit those rights when they associate in groups.”

INDICTMENT IN MASS. Boston Herald. “Brian Wallace, a former state Democratic representative from South Boston, has been indicted on charges that he failed to report campaign contributions and failed to preserve expense records, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today.”

LOBBYING FOR ST. LUCIE. Story here. “With tax dollars tight in part because of low property values, some governments have continued spending for federal lobbying, while others have opted not to use lobbyists to help chase federal money from Washington.”


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