Is Global Food Bubble on the Way ?

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Stephen Peteritas

Wow! This was really interesting. The thing that stands out the most to me in this video is that farmers are going to continue to get the short end of the stick which is exactly what we don’t need. If the market keeps making farming a less and less viable option for people then we will have a real food crisis on our hands.

Sidenote: I actually am a big believe in Malthus’ theory of population and really think that some time in my lifetime I’ll see the population out grow it’s food source.

Srinidhi Boray

True Stephen, Country side is struggling. About a century back 70 + % engaged in agriculture and it had lot of good family values working together. It is agriculturist who keep the food basket at least cost. Hedge funds etc was established to help a farmer meet the challenges against the vagaries of the climate. The financiers have used the instrument that protects the farmer for speculating and have put the farmer in more danger by creating asymmetry.

Because of these challenges, I read elsewhere that there is a social problem growing, young farmers are not being preferred for marriage.