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Transcendent Purpose, Ability to Master and be Self Directed – Chief Factors for great Creativity!!!! Not MONEY….

One of the best presentation that captures artist’s idiocy to become highly skilled contributor to society defeating all economic prudence – transcendent purpose. Working for any public office must be this – Transcendent Purpose and Highly Creative.

SocialNetworking to Develop – Power of Now that is Real and less driven by Positive Mental Attitude.

Yes!!! Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is Delusional. Whenever I said this I was literally KICKED out of all motivational work-shops. In fact briefly when I worked for a corporate training company some 15 years back, they were horrified that I was lambasting this idiotic thing called “PMA”. The danger of any social-networking is greater fasterRead… Read more »

Digital World Village

Vision of Digital World Village By – Srinidhi Boray (Ingine Inc) By syndication of both content acquisition and in delivery, Federal information can be disseminated to broad array of devices, from broad array of sources. eLearning & eEducation eManagement Federal funded Visual Digital Themes Invigorate ecosystem by intuitive themes Invigorate tourism (tourist attraction & museum)Read… Read more »

A Billion Brains are Better Than One

Article from following link T-DRIVEN INNOVATION A Billion Brains are Better Than One Interview with Thomas W. Malone March 18, 2010 MIT Sloan’s Thomas W. Malone, author of The Future of Work, on how the smartest companies will use emerging technology to tap the power of collective intelligence PDF BUY ARTICLE & PERMISSIONS “MostRead… Read more »