IT Governance-What’s your description?

I’m searching for descriptions of IT governance to understand how our community and the various levels of government approach the process in their organization. Appreciate any descriptions, long or short, based on your personal experiences.

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Charles Schaffer

ISACA has a new certification in the governance of enterprise IT. (

They describe governance in terms of the following:

Strategic alignment: Ensuring the link between business and IT plans; defining, maintaining and validating the IT value proposition; aligning IT operations with enterprise operations; and establishing collaborative solutions to add value and competitive advantage and contain costs while improving efficiency.

Value delivery: Executing the value proposition throughout the delivery cycle; ensuring that IT delivers the promised benefits against the strategy; concentrating on optimizing expenses and proving the value of IT; and controlling projects and operational processes with practices that increase the probability of success.

Risk management: Ensuring risk awareness of senior corporate officers, a clear understanding of the enterprise’s appetite for risk, and transparency about the significant risks to the enterprise; establishing risk management responsibilities in the operation of the enterprise; and addressing the safeguarding of IT assets, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Resource management: Optimizing the investment, use and allocation of IT resources and capabilities (people, applications, technology, facilities, data) in servicing the enterprise’s needs, and maximizing the efficiency of these assets.

Performance measurement: Tracking project delivery and monitoring IT services using balanced scorecards that translate strategy into action, and measuring the relationships and knowledge-based assets necessary to compete in the information age.

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