IT Summit Photos by Dan Chang

Master Photographer Daniel K.M. Chang has posted his photos of the IT Summit. Please follow his instructions below to see them.

The Summit photos can be accessed with this URL and password:

password: oit

When you get on the site, you’ll see a number of galleries organized principally by day. Clicking on one of the galleries for the first time in a session will bring up a prompt for the password. During the session, going into a different gallery should not require the password. While in any gallery, to get back to the page of galleries, click on IT Summit 2009 in the navigation ribbon dkmchang > IT Summit 2009.

To download a photo, select its thumbnail on the left. Mouse over the larger image on the right. In the pop-up, click on Save Photo.

All of Dan’s snapshots have been uploaded to the site. If you have photos you’d like to share with others, please send them to Dan on a CD. He’ll post them in a gallery with your name.

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