Announcing the Government 2.0 Online Conference (Gov 2.0 OLC) from O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly Media has gotten into Government 2.0 in a big way. Their events in September – the Gov 2.0 Summit and the preview event Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase showed off their vision for government. Their 2010 event, the Gov 2.0 Expo (whose program I co-chair with Laurel Ruma) is going to be a hugely exciting three-day event in May, I assure you.

Meanwhile there are some great small events happening in the space. I wanted to make you aware of the Government 2.0 Online Conference (Gov 2.0 OLC) that’s happening on Dec 10th at 12 noon EST (9am PST). It will be a three-hour, completely online, totally engaging conference that Laurel and I will co-host.

That day, O’Reilly Media will host five outstanding speakers (including Rita J. King, pictured above with Tim O’Reilly) involved in federal, state and local government issues – all from outside Washington, DC. They will each speak for about 15 minutes and really get into their successes and failures along the way to achieving Gov 2.0, and then they’ll each answer online audience questions for another 15 minutes.

You don’t want to miss this Gov 2.0 OLC – it’ll be a great learning experience no matter what your level of knowledge already is. Check out all the details here.

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Mark D. Drapeau

Yeah Sara, that’s definitely part of the thinking. And if it’s a success, they might do another one with different speakers, focus, etc. So please spread the word!