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Summer Internship Opportunity at U.S. EEOC – Web Design, Info Tech

The U.S. EEOC Is Seeking A “Summer Intern” Overview: Applicant will work at the U.S. EEOC within the Office of Information Technology (OIT) as a Web Designer Qualifications: Applicant must currently be enrolled in an accredited college with the intent of obtaining a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the computer or journalism fields. Applicant mustRead… Read more »

IT Summit Photos by Dan Chang

Master Photographer Daniel K.M. Chang has posted his photos of the IT Summit. Please follow his instructions below to see them. The Summit photos can be accessed with this URL and password: password: oit When you get on the site, you’ll see a number of galleries organized principally by day. Clicking on one ofRead… Read more »

Revised Final IT Summit Schedule

What’s a final if not a draft by any other name? When is a final “final”? Is a final ever final if it’s revised? What constitutes a revision? The answer to this and all other existentialist questions regarding document revisions can be summed up as follows: A final is just the latest draft that mayRead… Read more »

The Commission’s Conferencing Center

The Commission’s Conferencing Center (CCC) has a total of 5 rooms. Facing the CCC, the one to the furthest on the right is called the Commission Meeting Room. It’s where the Chair and Commissioners meet to engage in what’s called official “Commission Meetings”; and it’s mostly full of huge furniture that comprise a seating/podium areaRead… Read more »