January Twitter Senate Experiment Results

You may recall that I started an experiment on Twitter reaching out to Political accounts on twitter, feel free to read here for a reminder. The United States Senate was out of session when I launched this experiment and I will run it again in February. However, I wanted to quickly report the results as of this point as I have stopped counting for January.

Drum roll please…. 3, yes, just 3, people responded:

– @RepMikeQuigley Mike has championed transparency for 10+ yrs, is working w/ Sunlight Fndtn on future good gov’t bill. Thanks! Social Media Policies
– @RepMikeHonda Mike’s online communication director responded and requested more information. I have not heard back since I sent my follow-up but remain hopeful.
– @SenElaineMcCoy Senator McCoy is a Canadian Senator, the only one I reached out to from Canada in this round. You can read my interview with Senator McCoy here.

The experimentation will continue in February, stay tuned.


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