Job Applications and Announcement

Employers will lose both fronts in my view whether they rely on a human talent software or on a real human to review job applications. Human Resources should do a better job in establishing the core requirements for each position that is advertised. These core requirements must be job-specific to help candidates decide if they want to apply or not. Within each position description, there are essential duties and non-essential duties. Essential duties matter as they will help with recruitment of the right candidates for the right position. Essential duties, position descriptions, job announcements all are interconnected.

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Fred J. Klinkenberger Jr.

I confess I’m not easily impressed — what with being a 23-year Navy vet (broadcaster, photojournalist and public affairs specialist), a 13-year federal civilian (public affairs specialist and writer-editor), and having four-plus years under my belt as a contractor — but govloop is truly amazing! I’ll certainly “use” this superb resource to learn and share. Give me a few days to post a profile and photo (a photo sutable for framing, scaring terrorists and cyberhackers, and warding off diseases!) A GREAT SITE! Kudos to those who manage this site . . .