Teleworking-Good or Bad

I hope the Federal government will move forward in implementing the Telework Enhancement Act. The full implementation of the Telework Enhancement Act (2010) is also a contributing factor to the Clean Air Act in addition to national security argument. Yahoo’s ban of work-from-home will affect the morale of the workforce.

Despite what the intent might be, in my view, the ban is considered leadership failures. Yahoo may risk losing high performing employees. Technology should help changing the way we work. Performance failures should not be the sole reason for the working-from-home program. Working from home is a different physical work environment. Managers and leaders are to blame. After all, how do you manage employee performance?

Employees can be at the traditional workplace but does it make any difference if they just hang around to gossip or do other non-work related things? It does not matter to me which physical location employees are required to report for work but it does matter what employees are specifically told how their performance will be measured and on what items they will be measured on.

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