Job Search Networking

“Networking is a dreeeaaad word for job seekers,” Patra intones.

But it’s not as hard as you may think it is. Check out this video and find out how networking may be easier than you think.

Why is networking important? Two thoughts:

1. Networking is your window on the “hidden” job market. The vast majority of jobs are not advertised publicly and to tap into this hidden market you must network and connect with others.

2. It’s an important component of your job search research. Find out what it’s like to work for companies you ‘re targeting. What is their corporate culture? How do they treat their employees?

“Who can help me with an introduction to Joe Schmo?”

Networking is not just about you. In fact you’ll get more out of networking if you also consider how you can help others. The more you are a resource to them, the more assistance they will likely be willing to give to you.

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Corey McCarren

I’ve been to my share of networking events in the past few weeks! You’re definitely right about being a resource, and also the best way to network is to know someone who knows someone. It works so much better than an attempt to forge a meaningful relationship with someone who is looking to forge a relationship that benefits his or herself.