Job Success: Some Reminders

There are two areas in which job success is determined:
1. The technical aspects and skills – the performance of your duties
2. The soft skills – the conduct and attitude – the related behaviors you exhibit in the performance of your duties.

The second area (soft skills) is very critical yet often undervalued by employees and overlooked in training and development by employers.

Below are some reminders for employees who want to succeed.

• Take responsibility for yourself, your career
• Show initiative
• Follow the rules
• Exceed expectations
• Keep your word
• Show consideration of others
• Embrace diversity
• Look your best
• Perform with ethics and integrity
• Be a team player
• Be a leader and a follower
• Learn to listen

There is nothing unique or special about these suggestions. Most would be considered common sense. But common sense means different things to different people. While the suggestions may mean nothing to you, someone else, another employee has embraced them and is moving ahead of you. You are the creator of your success. What do you think?

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