John Tolva on social business in the public sector

I watched a really good interview earlier on youtube of John Tolva, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at City of Chicago – who speaks about technology, data and Social Business in the public sector – the video was taken at south by south west interactive 2012.

A few things stood out for me – not all new but good to hear it said:

  • The CTO has quite a broad remit which also includes economic advice around technology industries outside of the council. – Interesting to think about this in UK localgov and how this would shape up…I guess it depends on who is in the role?
  • Thinking about the system of city/community is a great way to start thinking about the socialisation of public sector organisations.
  • The community are excellent at providing warning signs within a local area, whether it be a fallen tree or blocked drains

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Samuel Lovett

Thanks for sharing takeaways from the video.

In terms of your third bullet, I’ve been seeing people a lot of people recognizing that technology in local communities is only as good as its citizen created content and participation. An active community makes the CTO job much easier