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Unpicking the Barriers to Change – Changing Through Experience

Photo by Phillirose – Flickr I was in a conversation with Sara Cretney (Organisational Change Manager) and some senior colleagues recently about change and the question came up about barriers and what is stopping the people who are thinking differently from doing different? I’m not entirely sure there is a single answer to thisRead… Read more »

Further reflections from LocalGovCamp and about LocalGovDigital

As you can tell I’m all for imaginative blog post titles 🙂 Anyway what I would like to reflect on is how I believe LocalGovDigital became more real, more present, more about the network and collaboration as opposed to the steering group at LocalGovCamp and how through the conversations at the open steering group IRead… Read more »

Reflecting on thinking and doing

Recently I’ve let myself down by not blogging as much as i feel i need to. The benefit i get from writing a post is actually a process of reflective practice which helps me manage the variety of thoughts going on in my head and i really do need to continue my personal commitment toRead… Read more »

Shifting Digital Sands

An edited version of this has also been published on the Guardian Public Leaders Network Blog The landscape of digital is constantly changing and being redefined with every new development, technology breakthrough, success and failure. We need digital public sector leaders who can properly navigate this environment, and ensure that they are connected to outcomesRead… Read more »

That Local GDS conversation again…

Just about 2 years ago I wrote this post on the GDS blog titled “Does local government need a local government digital service” the answer I gave then as I would give now is “YES” but just like then I outlined the challenges in actually making that a reality and instead focused on some areasRead… Read more »

#localgovdigital – Open Thinking and Practice

Are you a local government team that blogs about their work? LocalGov Digital wants to hear from you! One of the things that I believe is important is being open about the work we all do and I’d like to encourage more people to blog as individuals or as teams as I think and believeRead… Read more »

Honesty, Urgency and Optimism

Warning – This post contains honest and personal views with a sprinkle of optimism towards the end and is the culmination of years of frustration and self motivation. No single conversation or person triggered this but merely the collective build up of mediocrity. If you are offended by this then stop reading and move alongRead… Read more »