Are You Just Waiting to Go Home, or Are You Committed?


Are you committed or just waiting for your shift to end?

When I first started following the work of John Maxwell, I thought I was committed to my job and the mission. I had always considered myself to be an engaged employee and not a part of the problem.

But somewhere along the way, I had joined those who were just waiting for the clock to hit the time to go home. I was helped when I watched this video by John Maxwell, The Five Levels of Leadership. Now, it is by far, one of my personal favorites.

When I sat down to watch this video, it was the last thing I had planned to do for the day. My sneakers were on, my bag packed and my coat was easily accessible (you will get the joke when you watch the video). I had only planned to watch a little of the video to see if it was something that I could use in a training class.

My plan was to do a quick check of the video to see if I would want to watch it on my next day at work.  In watching the video, I quickly realized that my actions were those of someone at level one, according to Maxwell.  Though no one knew that I was watching the video, I became to embarrassed to leave and go home.  I am proud to tell you, that I finished watching the entire video that afternoon and that I am no longer a level one. Maxwell helped me and will help you to understand the current engagement level of your workforce. And more importantly, you will learn the level of your own personal engagement.

I am proud to share with you that I have risen to level five! It was not easy, but I was committed. What level are you and what level is your team? I look forward to you sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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LaCandice McCray

I very much appreciate this article Janis! I watched the video in it’s entirety and shared it with my boss and colleague who is also a manager. I’ve been in a management position for a little over a year now, and I’m in between Level 2 and Level 3. Every day I strive to learn something new and sharpen the toolbox so that I can develop further. What are some specific steps you took to rise to a Level 5?

Janis Burl

Hi LaCandice,

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. First and foremost you need to remember what each step entails. Identify the behaviors in level two where you can make improvements. Then work at identifying situations where you change your current behavior or thought to move to level three. And then repeat the process for level 3 and four, until you are at level 5. It will not work without concentrated effort. I will tell you that I personally am happier at work because I focus on level 5 and continuing to mentor others who mentor others.

Thanks again and it sounds like you are on the right path. Let me know as you progress through the levels. I am looking forward to hearing about your progress.