Kicking Butts

This title alone conjures up images of a fight, and I suppose in actuality it is referring to one. However, I’m not speaking of a physical fight, but what I’m referring to is the fight against tobacco. The conflict still continues to this day. Although today it is verbal: “Stand Out. Speak Up. Seize Control Against Big Tobacco” – these are the words of Kick Butts Day 2009. Which just so happens to be today, March 25, 2009.

The tobacco war in 2009 is aimed at recruiting the youth of today, and the message is to get kids to participate in education activities and events nationwide. I wonder why….perhaps it’s the fact that 20 percent of high school students smoke these days. So what does the tobacco crusade look like in this day and age? Youth are going out into the community putting on Kick Butts Day Carnivals, filming Public Service Announcements, contacting members of Congress, and working on passing local ordinances. Probably a good thing that the battle continues, as nationwide, tobacco use kills more than 400,000 people annually, and the health care costs are right around $96 billion each year.

I know we have all heard the tobacco message numerous times, but it bears repeating with statistics like this! So here’s to Kick Butts Day, and may the youth of today continue to ‘kick butt’ on and off school grounds.

Kick Butts Day began in 1995 by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids , and works to help parents, teachers, health advocates, and youth leaders educate kids on the harmful effects of tobacco products.

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Allen Sheaprd


Interesting – seems to be a ‘broad stroke” approach to the problem. There is some research on “Depression and Smoking” (Source:http://psychcentral.com/library/depression_smoking.htm) Unlike littering which is a simple bad habbit of a forgetful or lazy mind smoking is more complex.

Oddly as adult smoking goes down, teenage smoking goes up so it may be the wrong age group is getting the message.

What do others think?