Korea set to help Africa with #gov20 opportunity … #Libya is clear opportunity

African eGovernment including Libya

African eGovernment including Libya

The fine folks at FutureGov (not Dom’s FutureGov) wrote today about Korea’s plans to help out the East African Community (EAC) in their search for better government service through leveraging technology. It is good to see this kind of international cooperation and reuniting of the global eGovernment nation.

As an executive obsessed at times with global cooperation and technology issues I have seen the benefit of these kinds of arrangements. When countries take advice from other countries they admire, the outcomes can be incredible. I have connected Singapore and NATO in the past, China and Russia as well as odd combinations including the EU and Indonesia. Each time the outcomes were incredible and the benefits to the citizens of both countries significant.

I believe that the issues governments have in common far outweigh our differences. We have accepted and acceptable solutions that have been deployed across the globe and when we are each able to take advice from different places as well as offering it in places we wouldnt often think to, we see great things happen.

In particular, as Libya nd the rest of the Middle East/North Africa continue to rise, the opportunity may be enormous. I would ask that each of you think to adopt an area of a newly formed or reformed country to adopt and offer assistance. Whether it is National/Central government or municipal services, each of us has some expertise that we can share. And what I have seen shows me we learn far more than we teach. Keep that in mind.

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