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Not Cloud First, Cloud Now: Stand up and Fight for Citizens #gov20 #opengov #abouttime

Not Cloud First, Cloud Now #gov20 #opengov IDC recently released a study that resulted in interesting coverage from GigaOm. They found that the folks in government that could benefit most from cloud computing are actual those with the highest degree of resistance – local governments. States were not far behind. This release happens at theRead… Read more »

Unsustainable Government – #gov20

Time to move past where we were built and into what we could be – #PaaS #Gov20 Queensland in Australia is struggling amidst an unsustainable government technology posture. It developed over decades. It must end now. The problem is highlighted in a discussion over the first round of job cuts that will result from braveRead… Read more »

It is time

It is time. A number of friends have talked to me offline about re-energizing FixingPotholes. I am thrilled to recommit to doing so and having it be a forum to double click on policy leaders thoughts on government and technology. I am hoping that the regular writing will allow me a small slice of timeRead… Read more »

Bridges to Revolution

I have long believed in bridges. No, not just to get me across lake Washington, but to shoot the gaps. A long time ago, in law school, I had the honor of being taught labor law by an incredible thinker, scholar and doer, Jim Jones at the UW Law School. In awe I asked himRead… Read more »