LAST CHANCE to send Your Face to Space on the Shuttle!

Send your Face to Space on the last Space Shuttle mission with NASA’s Face In Space project. Insider tips: The name you enter is exactly how it will appear on the awesome flight certificate. When you upload your face, at the screen where you size your picture for the Shuttle window, do NOT click next – but do a Print Screen (Alt and Prt Sc, or Shift, Prt Scn) and paste the picture into a document or slide, as pictures sent to space cannot be retrieved nor printed on the flight certificate-save it for later or print it when done. Then, click Next, and Print your Confirmation number page. These are one of a kind memories! After the flight lands, Print your saved picture and your certificate! The certificates are awesome and frameworthy, and paired with the picture of your face in the Shuttle window – priceless! People are sending their whole families – just be sure the enter the names exactly as you want them to print on the certificates – their pets, their ultrasound pictures, their memorial tributes… Its just amazing and its the last run ever!!!

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